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Call Eternity Limousines before your next departure and we'll get you to the airport safely and on time for your flight!We have all been there, you have just come back from a business trip or holiday, and you are anxious to get home. Welcome back to another -30 degree Edmonton winter day. You quickly haul all your luggage on to the bus which takes you to a parking lot where you parked your vehicle.

You then muscle all of your luggage off the bus and load up your car, and you are ready to go, and quickly so you can get warm again. One problem, your car has been sitting in the cold, and when you turn the key, your car will not start! Now you are stuck, cold and frustrated, waiting for a boost. This is not how you wanted to return home.

The better alternative. Call Eternity limos and ask about our airport services.  Our professional chauffeurs will arrive early assuring you have plenty of time to get to the airport and make your flight. We will greet you at your door and load up all of your luggage for you.  When we arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare, we offload your luggage. A totally stress free experience.

For return pick-up, we will monitor your flight to ensure we will adjust our schedule for delays, or early arrival. We will greet you inside the airport, and handle all your luggage. Now for a relaxing, stress free ride home, just as it should be.

Call Eternity Limousines today at 780-464-0700 or request a quote online to secure your limo service today.

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"Just want to say the service provided through Eternity Limos was far and beyond of what was expected! Charles the driver was very professional and gracious, the newlyweds were very impressed and had nothing but great things to say, as well as everyone else involved!! Thank you so much for your time. In the future I would recommend Eternity Limo to anyone!"

Richard B., September 2012